Ventris Lifestyle specializes in making one-of-a-kind gears with multiple layers of carbon fiber bearing the iconic V motif. With the perfect melding of technology and craftsmanship, we transform carbon fiber, the powerful manufacturing material of supercars, aerospace, military as well as civil engineering, to perform excellent throw-and-drop resistance and durability in our products.


Get a handle on leather

The Ventris Lifestyle handles on the top and the side are made of high grade full grain leather that is handcrafted by artisans with skilled hands and a passionate heart. The premium leather handles with soft texture not only fit the shape of your hands when holding, but also withstand the heavy weight across time.

The protective edge

All wine cases and 22 inch and above check-in suitcases are highly protected by 4 strong edges, especially designed for excellent throw-and-drop resistance in baggage compartment of cars and airplanes. The quadruple protection takes the edge off your nerves.

The unpickable lock

Ventris Lifestyle lock is TSA approved so no damage is caused and there is only an identifying mark showing its opening by the master key if your luggage is unlocked and inspected by security authorities. The safe, unpickable TSA lock with a deluxe touch turns Ventris suitcases into real treasure chests.

The first forged carbon fiber joint

Ventris Lifestyle is the first brand that builds a forged carbon fiber joint for suitcases to further increase the strength value and durability. Forged carbon fiber, the cutting edge technology for cars and now for suitcases, is born to have a premium marble appearance and add a stunningly powerful and beautiful touch for your full carbon fiber gear.

Rolling silence

In praise of silence, you can travel with a quiet partner like Ventris Lifestyle suitcase, with sturdy zinc alloy wheels to withstand heavy weight, which is designed for silent, smooth and effortless rolling on rough landscapes or extreme sports areas, giving you a peace of mind in any environments.

The styled compartment

Your personal need for better allocation of items for travel is our top priority. Ventris luggage is designed to provide spacious inner compartments that feature posh argyle pattern and customized lining for you to keep things organized with your own distinctive style.